Chemical Engineering: Attempting the paper & Presentation

In the last post I listed out the sources for each topic. In this post, I intend to share my experience and some practices which can be helpful in fetching good marks. Following are key pointers in this regard:

1. For numericals, follow step by step approach. Highlight all the formulae used, clearly state the symbols & their meanings, write neatly the assumptions and present the final answer as asked. Though this is a very small observation but it would go long way in ensuring that you get the maximum marks when your numerical is right and deducting least marks when it is wrong.

2. If choice between numerical and theory question, go with numerical if you can do it well. However if you don’t know numerical and are not aware of theory question also in detail better to go with theory and try to be as relevant as possible.

3. In theory questions, draw as much diagrams & schematics as possible, with time being the limiting factor.

4. Many times a question which has an answer of 2-3 lines will be asked for 10/15/20 marks. In that case, extend the answer, give as many examples, diagrams & use cases as you can.

5. Write answers in heading, subheading, paragraph format. Use different color pen for headings if time permits (mostly it will). Use pencil for diagrams etc.

6. Finally, finish the paper.

These are some learnings I got after attempting the paper and getting the marks. I am hopeful, these will give good return and enhance performance above whatever one has learnt.

Please ask in the comments if any doubt is unanswered. I will reply asap.


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